Mortgage Rates

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Term Rate Points APR Payment
(per $10,000 borrowed)
Down Payment
30 Year
Fixed Rate
4.300% 0 4.380% $49.63 *
20 Year
Fixed Rate
3.900% 0 4.008% $60.29 *
15 Year
Fixed Rate
3.125% 0 3.257% $69.80 *

                                    *Down payment as low as 5%, with Private Mortgage Insurance.

                                  * 20% down payment required without Private Mortgage Insurance.

                                   *  For Construction Loans call or email to discuss other options.


Term Rate APR Payment
(per $10,000 borrowed)
15 Year
Fixed Rate
3.750% 3.750% $72.72
10 Year
Fixed Rate
3.500% 3.501% $98.89
7 Year
Fixed Rate
3.000% 2.999% $132.13
5 Year
Fixed Rate
2.500% 2.499% $177.47


The above payment amount includes principal and interest only and does not include premiums for Private Mortgage Insurance.  If Private Mortgage Insurance is required, payment may be higher. Escrow for Taxes and Insurance is not required. 

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UNB has many different loan options available. If you have questions, we have answers, call or email UNB today, and one of our loan professionals will help direct you towards the right product to meet your needs.

All rates are based on a credit score of 700 or higher and require automatic payment withdrawal from a UNB deposit account. Other conditions may apply. Appraisal may be required.

All rates listed are for borrowers Primary residence only and do not apply to second homes or rental properties.

All rates subject to change and may be withdrawn without notice. Call or email for other rates and terms.

Rates listed are for first lien mortgage loans without exception, other rate options are available for second lien mortgage loans.